Monday, January 9, 2012

The Past Month.

I had really enjoyed blogging for the recently past months, but somewhere along the way from starting a new job and the holidays allowed me to fall behind. So, I thought I would list a couple of things that have happened in my life over the past month.

1. After all my final grades were posted, I learned that I made straight A's for the fall 2012 semester. I have the same goal for the Spring semester and hopefully I will be able to achieve it!

2. Work has been completely crazy since I've been on break for Christmas Break! Last week alone, I almost worked 50 hours at my little 20-24 hours per week part time job! I am going to completely love this next paycheck because it will include holiday pay for working Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Years Day! PLUS the few hours of overtime. I'm hoping it will help me make up some of the $700 that I had to spend for new tires this weekend.

3. I received my letter from ECU School of Nursing right before Christmas and found out that I didn't get accepted for Spring 2012. It's alright though, I will be applying to ECU and PCC for Fall 2012. I still prefer to get into ECU so I can go ahead and graduate with my Bachelors, but PCC will be a good backup plan. I talked with a couple of nurses at the hospital and they all said that if I go to PCC for nursing, then I wouldn't have to take the full 36 credits after becoming an RN to obtain my bachelors from ECU because I have already taken my pre-reqs for ECU prior. That was a little encouraging. Still trying to exercise patients through this time though. I feel like I am so ready to move on with life, graduate, get married, buy a house, build a white picket fence, and have 1.9 children. You know... the American Dream! haha. I know life isn't all about things. However, I can have confidence in knowing that God is with me all along the way guiding my steps, but IF I could have it my way, then I would choose to go ahead and finish nursing school. :)

4. School started back today, but luckily for me, I didn't have to go because I only have Tuesday/Thursday classes this semester! I know! Be jealous! I am taking Personal Finance, Gerontology, Child Development/Family Relations, and Recreational Leisure Services. It shouldn't be too difficult of a semester. I am probably most excited for Finance and Gerontology. For the past few months, I have really been interested in finance and been trying to save some money for a retirement plan in addition to my 401K. The saving has been a little hard since I had to buy presents for Christmas, $700 for tires, and $650 for USED Textbooks and a clicker, but I guess I have plenty of time to begin to think about retirement. haha. I just want to go ahead and plan now so that I might be able to retire by 75 (that will probably be considered an early retirement for my generation).

5. This one sort of pales in comparison with the other items in this list, but I have ordered some seeds to grow for spring! I know most people probably don't care about it, but I absolutely love it. Maybe I love it because there aren't many people who care about it. I enjoy doing yardwork outside by myself. I like to think of it as much needed therapy! Well, even more exciting, I am in the middle of an attempt of making my own concrete planting pots. I have never tried it before, but the planter on the youtube video looked really cool. It's called hypertufa and it looked easy enough, so I thought I would give it a try this year. I think I had a little too much soil in my mix, but I'm hoping it turns out perfectly. Hopefully this weekend will have been long enough to take them out of their molds and be able to report how successful the attempt went. Here are some pictures of the seeds I ordered and what my pots SHOULD look like.