Monday, October 17, 2011

An Eventful Weekend.

It is currently 11:30 Monday morning and have been working on a Microsoft Excell Project for the past 3 hours in Joyner Library at ECU! I just couldn't handle much more without taking a break, so in the mean time, I thought I would fill you in on my very eventful weekend.

Friday night didn't consist of much besides finishing up some homework, making a quick trip to Your Perfect Cake and watching "The Green Hornet," so let's just go ahead and start with Saturday morning.

I woke up, drank a cup of coffee and was instantly excited to begin my day. I got ready and headed out for Buies Creek, NC. A small spec on a map that Campbell University calls home. I arrived around 12 and met up with Lydia- a great friend- and Derrick- my roommate while attending Campbell. After catching up for a while, we went to eat lunch at Mi Casita (definitely the BEST mexican food in the entire world!) We talked about class schedules, plans for graduating, current jobs, and other people. I only was able to see Lydia and Derrick because the rest of our group of friends were working, on other trips, or in weddings. We probably could planned a weekend that worked out better for us all to meet, but I swung by before the Group 1 Crew Concert in Smithfield that night!

I shopped at the outlets for a little bit before the concert and found NOTHING! How poor must you be to realize that you can't even afford the 50% off rack at an outlet! For example, I was in Tommy Hillfiger and looking at the clearance rack because everything was advertised as 50% off. I picked up a polo that I really liked with the price tag of $79.99. I thought it was 50% off that price. Nope! That WAS the 50% off price! Can you believe it? I can't imagine someone paying $160 for a polo that is going to shrink and fade! Wow. Anyways, I drove away from the outlets with a new pack of gum and a diet mountain dew.

Me, Brittany and Keith met up at Zaxby's then went to the concert.

We had a great time talking, then Ryan Stevenson, Rapture Ruckus, Rachel Lampa, and ShonLock began to open the concert. We had never heard of any of these people, but they were all decent-- except one! ShonLock! Ryan Stevenson, Rapture Ruckus, and Rachel Lampa all gave their testimonies and talked about how God has impacted their life. They had some incredible stories to share that, I feel, encouraged alot of people. However, after these people sang their songs, it was ShonLock's turn. Didn't like him AT ALL. He came out hollering and his entire three songs were weird. Everyone in his group all had t-shirts with his name on it.I believe the Holy Spirit made me uncomfortable with him because he might not have been there for the right reasons.

The whole atmosphere he made, red lights, fog machines, huge steam cloud things he used, and his final song... "I'm a Monsta" was- in my opinion- a little demonic. He never gave a testimony, encouraging story, how his life has changed, or even spoke the name of Jesus... well, I take that back... He said the name of Jesus ONE time, and that was at the end of his song "I'm a Monsta, ma-ma-ma-ma monsta." He stated, "I'm a monsta for Jesus!"

Again, completely uncomfortable. I am thankful that God allows us to feel uncomfortable to realize that our spirits might not be in sync. During his songs, I just looked out into the audience and saw two very different reactions. The reactions of half, like mine, was people looking around thinking "really?" The other half of the crowd made the letter "M" with their hands and were pumping them into the air yelling that they were also "monstas." However, after this awkward, unworshipful experience, Group 1 Crew came on stage.

They brought so much energy. We were all jumping during their opening song and having a great time. After the first three songs or so, each member shared their personal testimony and how they used to be fake. Their testimonies reminded me of what Pastor Jeff has stated in church the past few weeks about how we can deceive ourselves into believing that we are saved and not truly giving our lives to God. One of the crew members spoke about how he grew up in church, and it was all a show. He would go up to the alter crying and praying for Jesus, then leave the service, rob someone and have sex with his girlfriend. It's amazing how easily we can put on a "stained glass masquerade" and
think know one needs to know what we do outside of church. Fortunately for us, Christ sees ALL! His testimony was very moving for me though. Very sincere.

Moving on to the last event of the weekend, Unity's Night of Drama! I have enjoyed attending Unity for the past year, and excited that God has allowed me and my family to be used at this church. The drama was excellent! Everything about it was great. Some parts were incredibly funny, other parts made you think and reflect. Pure excellence!

To end the weekend, I received my ECU School of Nursing letter. I did not get accepted for spring 2012... YET! I have been placed on the alternate list, so if you get a chance, I would greatly appreciate your prayers. God has a plan and will continue to lead my life regardless, but I definitely think that I am ready to get this college experience behind me and move forward with life. Regardless of what I think, God knows what is best for me and has perfect timing!

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