Thursday, October 13, 2011


Hey Everyone!

As you can tell, I have decided to start my own blog. For the last year, I have thorougly enjoyed reading a number of my friends blogs on a regular basis and have laughed, cried, and been inspired by all of these posts. I wanted to start this blog so my friends and family can read about what is going on in my life. Thought that this might be an excellent way to feel better connected, so as I get started setting this up, I hope you enjoy the posts to come! I have to admit, I can't honestly believe I am creating a blog because I am the most technologically challenged person I know! (Rachel-- get prepared for MANY questions to come!) Even before I posted this, I was reading up on how to change my background, how to post pictures, etc and now I feel completely challenged at what I am getting myself into. Anyways, I really do hope you enjoy the posts that follow as I go through the mountains, valleys, and hysterical events in between that only seem to happen to me! (Just kidding, seriously!)

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